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On biking tours, all equipment and luggage will be carried by the support vehicle. Try to keep baggage to a minimum weight.  For special trip across Southeast Asia ( Vietnam ,Laos, Cambodia ,Thailand , Malaysia ,Singapore ) often a cook will accompany with the tour .
Depending on the nature of the biking tour, there will be a private air-conditioned bus, minibus or jeep that will operate transfers between destinations.

We provide world-class equipment on our adventure tours.
Easy biking tour: Experience is not necessary at this level: anyone who is in good health and fit enough to enjoy a good weekend hill bike can manage this grade.

Moderate biking tour: You need to be in good health and reasonably fit, and you will almost certainly be taking regular exercise.

Challenging biking tour: For any biking at his level, fitness is most important and you may have to improve yours before departure. Challenging biking tours are equivalent to extended biking in mountain terrain, at significant higher altitudes.

Difficult biking tour: Some experience of biking at altitude is desired. Bikers must be able to cope with difficult paths on steep mountainsides. Extremes of altitude and weather may also be encountered. Stamina is very important, as biking days can be from 50 to 100 km.

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Average groups of 11; solos, couples and friends, united by a desire for authentic experiences.

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How we operate sets us apart; our flexible booking policy, our loyalty scheme & sustainable approach.

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