How to Book & Pay

How to book and pay for your trips:


When you are ready to book, following these simple steps:

Send us your request, with the trips you want to book, by email, We will send you the booking form(s) by email
In the booking form, you will fill in the following information
•    Full name, address, phone number, nationality, passport number
•    The type of tour; bicycle tour, classic tour, non-bicycle tour.
•    Private or Group Tour
•    Starting and Ending date.
•    Starting location and finishing location

4.  Send your booking forms back to Vietnam Adventure Cycling by
5.  Transfer a 30% deposit of your tour cost to Vietnam Adventure Cycling bank account to hold your booking
6.   You will cover all fees of money tranfer to the bank accounts of Vietnam Adventure Cycling .
•    We will send you a receipt after Vietnam Adventure cycling got your deposit from its local bank in Vietnam.


You also  can transfer to me  by Western Union and then send me the Money transfer control number:

The Detail of my address  for transfer  payment by Western Union:

Family name : Thach
Name : Thanh Sene
Date of birth: 06 Jun. 1989
ID card number : 334532811
Address : Nang Non – Kim Hoa- Cau Ngang -Tp.Tra Vinh – Vietnam


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